Tatiana Williams

Co - Founder & Executive Director

Tatiana has dedicated over 20 years of progressive work in mentoring, guiding, and supporting many in the LGBTQ Community in South Florida. However, Tatiana had a pivotal role as a title holder winning many local and national titles in the world of Gay Pageantry. Representing at this capacity provided her the platform to increase her advocacy to educate on the importance of all Inclusive Healthcare within the LGBTQ Community.

In 2014, Tatiana was somewhat surprised to learn the HIV rates in South Florida. She realized that HIV is not just a gay issue, it is an issue. Even though it disproportionately affects African American Gay and Bi-Sexual Men and Transwomen, any Health concern this big cannot continue to be pushed upon a single demographic. Tatiana also realized in order to make a difference, she needed to use her expertise along with her established platform to work directly in the community and collaborate with community partners and stakeholders to ensure resources are available to all populations.

Ms. Williams currently oversees the HIV Department at the Pride Center, her role is to ensure cultural competent HIV Testing is available to all population in Broward County.

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