Hillary Dougherty

Board Director

A fierce advocate for human rights, Hillary started her activism after attending the historic 2017 Women’s March in DC.  From there, she chaired the LGBTQ+ Justice committee for the local Women’s March Broward Chapter and took the lead as President by that fall.  Since then, she has organized a series of workshops, events, and actions to raise awareness about voting rights, environmental protections, local candidates, fostering allyship, and giving a voice to vulnerable communities.

As President of Women's March Broward, Hillary collaborated with local activists and advocates to create the 2018 Women’s March Florida Anniversary event in Miami. She also earned a seat on the Dolphin Democrats’ Board of Directors in 2019 where she continues to spearhead events and actions serving the LGBT+ community.  During campaign season, Hillary, along with her Women's March Broward Directors, host a live Facebook event called Conversations with Candidates in an effort to educate voters on candidates running for office from local municipalities to State seats in Florida.

Most recently, Hillary produces and co-hosts a political true crime podcast called The Muck Podcast that covers the dark and sometimes weird true stories in US politics. 

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